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The Witch & Sisterhood Wound

Workshop with Wendy, Saturday 26th October 2024, 1.30 – 5pm, £42 (with members discounts applied at check-out)

Your own essential essence is medicine for the world…so why are so many people afraid to fully shine, live playing small, blending in, not standing out, denying their very sacred core essence, even when they don’t believe they are? Subconscious conditioning. Read on:

Listening to your own heart & intuition may not have been (or even is) the main stream narrative, for that much of a long time. In the past, owning your own voice, intelligence, sensuality, ability to heal or expressing your honest opinion was highly dangerous, especially for women.

Read on…to find out exactly what the sisterhood & witch wound is, why we all have one (or two) and how this workshop can bring awareness, growth & healing so you can be the highest expression of your-Self in your life.

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In the 15th and 18th centuries, tens of thousands of women were hanged and burned alive for having healing powers. In fact, they were normal women like you and me! Women everywhere are rising up into their power. An awakening is happening. Not everyone wants to numb themselves out, through life. However, we all carry this ‘witch wound” within us. Which manifests in a plethora of ways, such as: playing small, acting-out, blending-in, denying our gifts, self sabotage, competition, comparison, not owning or speaking our truth. We camouflage ourselves in because there is a subconscious fear that if we stand out, are authentic we are putting ourselves in danger. And sometimes that danger can be the very closest people to us and even our sisters.

Do you feel scared of your power or who you are? Being seen or heard? Stating the sentence “I feel…” Speaking your truth? Do you sense and down right know there is so much more inside of you?

Healing the witch wound comes when we recognise and own our fears, stories, anxieties, oppressed behaviours and then consciously choose to set an intention to feel, release and heal it through divine feminine tools.

A woman who is connected to her intuition, the mysteries, her voice, wisdom,  sensuality & sexuality, her art & heart, her creativity, knows how to collect herbs to heal herself, family & friends, knows her own mind & body is a medicine woman simply by being her authentic self.

How do you know if this workshop is for you?

First of all, if you still think a witch is someone who wears a pointy hat and casts nasty spells then educating yourself in a workshop like this will be a welcome awakening consciously.

Do you notice repeating, painful patterns in your life? Are you finding yourself triggered by others (or your own) behaviours? Do you shy away from speaking out-loud, in public. Do you repress your voice even though you know you have so much inside? If you fear or cower away from any part of yourself, you are doing a huge disservice to  yourself and us all. Being afraid, playing small or safe, keeps the patriarchal conditioned programming in-place. That’s why the collective do not speak-up.

This workshop will help you:

  question what you believe

  • Allow yourself to be seen & heard
  • hold your own energy
  • share her-story
  • remember that all women are your sisters & alleys
  • notice how patterns aren’t serving you
  • stand in your own love & power
  • recognise if there’s a wound
  • ask, am I holding myself back
  • am I afraid
  • has this happened in this life
  • where am I giving my power away
  • Through yoga embodiment, meditations, releasing old traumas, group discussion, re-remebering, journalling & practicing divine feminine techniques and sacred rest, we begin to heal the Witch wound conditioning and rise in our unique, authentic expression. We bloom, unapologetically.
    • “Why were we taught to be afraid of the witches (wise women) and not the people who burned them alive.”


Wendy is the proud founder & owner of Alchemise Yoga Studio, she has a Sports Science and Environmental Science Degree, is a Senior Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher with several thousands of hours training and decades of yoga teachings. Ultimately, she is a student in the academy of life. Wendy is a visionary artisan who weaves yoga alignment, mythical, dynamic yoga flows, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, mudra, mantra, meditation, pranayama, soul quests, somatic movement and practices which embody consciousness through invoking the great elements of Mother Nature herself. Wendy is a Quantum Sound healer working specifically with Alchemy Crystal Healing Bowls to create sound journeys of deep rest, healing & transformation. She is an holistic beauty alchemist, herbalism, healing potions, natural remidies foraging nature’s bounty. Wendy awakens shakti, (energy) wild hearts, treasured Souls and optimal energy channels of her dedicated students.

Wendy’s teachings convey true nature & yoga’s beautiful power with love, intelligence and commitment. She teaches with a deeply respectful knowledge of alignment and therapeutics to truly enhance students’ on their journey towards a stronger, flexible, more confident body; allowing each unique Soul to function according to their own true nature. Sessions are weaved with philosophical themes inviting you to live through the ears of your heart’ s desire and explore your own potent potential now. Guaranteed is fun, encouragement, serenity and a journey to a beautiful secluded place of transformation within your body, mind, heart and soul. Wendy truly encourages your inner muse and is an inspiretress of the highest; love.


“Why were we taught to be afraid of the witches (wise women) and not the people who burned them alive.”


The Benefits of a Workshop:

  • deeper connection to your body
  • understanding of ancestral conditioning
  • Improved energy & vitality
  • take longer to get to tricky poses with more time, more respect for your body
  • deeper emotional release
  • energy blockages released
  • changes in nervous system responses
  • promotes connections with self & others
  • boosts self – esteem
  • improves health & wellbeing
  • improves relationships
  • heals past trauma
  • helps you live your fullest life, expression
  • live from the heart
  • follow your intuition
  • trust yourself

Helpful Tips

  • Bring layers, warmer socks for relaxation and long sleeve top
  • Bring a water bottle to refill
  • mobile phones to airplane mode or switched off
  • We accept apple pay for purchasing products created by our teachers
  • we have all props at the studio but bring your own if you prefer