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New to Alchemise?

Getting started can be a little overwhelming sometimes, so here we have created our guide to get you happily on your way.

Alchemise Yoga & Wellbeing Studio is founded with the sole intention of creating the highest calibre experience for your entire wellbeing needs.

Our studios provide yoga, pilates, barre and treatments to help you come home into your own true and authentic expression. We support and encourage our community of excellent teachers to share their unique gifts with you. Our wish is that our teachers, staff, students and entire heart-tribe feel that when they step into Alchemise studios they are home, within their heart, body and mind, that they absolutely belong with each other.

To feel strong, fit, healthy, relaxed and healed we must first feel safe, comfortable and trusting; we have designed this very space for exactly that at Milton Keynes’ prestigious Alchemise Yoga & Wellbeing Studio. Practice in the most beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with sublime spaces, high energy, welcoming atmosphere and soul-nourishing classes. Along with our outstanding team and exquisite ambiance you will feel enlivened, replenished and completely enriched after every visit to our studios.

Our yoga honours both the history of yoga as well as its ever-changing landscape and evolution of these incredible practices. Only the best teachers with truly embodied personal practices and a commitment to their professional development, along with impressive experience and work-ethics are employed at our studios.

Our teachers offer a range of authentic styles so that you, the student, can find something to suit exactly what you are looking for. By providing enriched variety, everybody, no matter what age, size, gender or fitness level will find something that not only they enjoy but can thrive in.

There is a common myth within society that yoga is for a certain person and type, this is absolute nonsense, irrelevant of your physical age, your body is a young as your spine is flexible: if you are old, yoga is for you. If you are inflexible, yoga is for you. If you are heartbroken, yoga is for you. If you are feeling weak, yoga is for you. If you are in recovery, yoga is for you. If you are injured, yoga is for you. If you are lonely, yoga is for you. If you are under-the-weather, yoga is for you. If you are…yoga is for you. No matter what you tell our team, or whatever your blockage is, yoga is for you. The more people practicing yoga, the more our world is a better place. Never underestimate the ripple-effect yoga has on an entire family, community and society. When you choose to step onto a yoga mat and practice yoga, it is truly not just for the benefit of yourself but for the benefit of all beings.

With that, I warmly invite you to join our teachers and studios and begin your beautiful journey now.

Yoga and Pilates for beginner's

Beginner's to yoga, pilates or dance are in the safest and most experienced hands of our team. We pride ourselves on providing you with the most welcoming, informative and inclusive experiences as you begin your practices with us.