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During these uncertain times, we’re doing all we can to support our amazing community. Accessible, Suggested and Studio Support pricing options available. Please see below for full details on our virtual offerings.

Thank you for enquiring about investments in your fitness, health and wellbeing. We have spent many hours arriving at some great prices that honour and respect the needs of a wide variety of our customers’ requirements. We hope you find something that works perfectly for you right now.



We’ve created a virtual on-line schedule offering you daily live classes and classes which you can choose playback on demand at a time more convenient for you.

There are options suited for your unique financial circumstances because no matter what, we would love you all to be able to practice with us. We offer you an Accessible Price, a Suggested Price and a Studio Support Price – we hope there is a price you can enjoy.

Rolling contract for £20/month
Accessible Price

Rolling contract for £35/month
Studio Support Price

Rolling contract for £25/month
Suggested Price


Here at Alchemise we begin with single class drop-in purchases at £12 or £16.  These are designed for those of you who want to try us out, explore in your own time, or aren’t quite ready for a full commitment right now. Simply view our schedule, pick a class and book.  Drop-in prices include both sixty and ninety minute classes!


5 classes per month - perfect for the once a week practitioner

For folks wanting to taste more of what we offer you can try our monthly Baby Dancer Memberships, you’ll receive five sessions of your choice, either: sixty or ninety-minute classes over the course of a whole month. Perfect for the once-a-week practitioner.

Rolling contract for £49/month
(£9.80 per class) cancel at anytime

12 month contract for £39/month
(£7.80 per class) cancel after one year



Full Dancer Monthly Memberships are for the un-tameably wild ones! If you practice twice a week or more, this is the package for you.  Take your practice to the next level, join us at every single class if you choose to! We’d love that!

This membership is purchased as a rolling 1 month contract for £99/month (cancel at anytime), or as a 12 month contract for £79/month (cancel after one year).

Rolling contract for £99/month
(£3.50 per class) cancel at anytime

12 month contract for £79/month
(£2.50 per class) cancel after one year

…so it’s over to you! Which of these offerings tantalises your taste buds? Come and see us and we’ll have one of our team set you up with the perfect offering that suits your specific needs.

We love yoga and wellbeing and with these prices, we think you can afford to love it too! Come and join us.